Feeling Stuck or Trapped

At times, we feel stuck or trapped. This may pertain to a situation that was experienced or a projected fear that we may have. It comes up many times over and over again. The struggle to move on never seems to work. The more we try, the darker it gets. It becomes unsafe to “go there” as floods of emotions overwhelms us.

We may feel time is passing by and we are standing there watching as we continue to move and act accordingly. We may feel this way due to our emotions and body is unable to tell time. It gets caught up in the emotions we feel or a feeling of nothingness and ways to keep us safe, alive.

Try deep breathing the people say. Try meditating, exercising, engage in a hobby. Well, none of this have worked so far. If none of this have worked so far, what will work?

Sometimes, it’s finding the right coping skills, activity, and maybe medication for relief. Sometimes, it does not work or does not work anymore. What then?

There are mental health therapists out there that specializes in guiding those that are stuck to find relief. They focus on the body’s response to stress. Learning the body’s language and exploring the sensations can or will provide opportunities to be present in enjoying daily life again.

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